ASD Home Internet Ed Kit



Welcome to the 2020­–2021 school year! To help protect the health and safety of students and educators during the current health crisis, the Anchorage School District will be incorporating distance learning into its curriculum. To support the learning-from-home environment, the Anchorage School District has partnered with GCI to provide you with this home internet for education kit, which provides the connection your student needs to complete their activities and assignments from home. Your home internet for education kit is provided at no cost to you.


What to expect

The school-provided home internet for education kit is specifically designed to access educational content. It is not designed to support typical home internet use; the websites you can visit are limited to school-approved sites. This service provides download speeds of up to 10 Mbps and up to 3 Mbps of upload speed.


This is a service provided by your school. If you want to purchase a faster, unrestricted home internet plan from GCI, please contact GCI directly to determine eligibility and plan options at 800-800-4800. You will be able to use the modem in this box for internet service you may choose to purchase from GCI.


What’s in the kit?

  • All-in-one modem and wireless router

  • Ethernet cord

  • Self-install guide


Next steps

Please use the enclosed self-install guide to set up your home internet for education kit. If you prefer to follow video instructions, visit


How to get help

For help with self-installation, please follow the instructions provided on the attached document. If you are unable to complete installation using the self-install guide, contact GCI technical support at 800.800.4800.


The Anchorage School District will be providing your internet service. After initial setup, if you experience any problems with your internet, please contact the Anchorage School District at (907) 742-HELP or visit